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Streetsense Managing Principal Jeff Pollak Featured in Authority Magazine

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by The Streetsense Collective

Streetsense Managing Principal, Place Consulting, Jeff Pollak, was interviewed in Authority Magazine in a piece entitled “Commercial Real Estate Today: Jeff Pollak Of Streetsense On 5 Things You Need to Create a Highly Successful Career in the Commercial Real Estate Industry Today.” 


A 25-year real estate veteran and one of the nation’s leading retail consultants, Jeff has worked on every type of consumer environment imaginable and brings a driving leadership style that engages and accelerates clients along their brand evolution journeys. He has been with Streetsense for over twenty years. 


In addition to sharing great anecdotes about his career, he shares poignant wisdom on the real estate industry, such as: 


— Understand that design is not a strategy—it’s a response to a strategy.


— Know that 100% of the people who visit a real estate project engage with the sidewalk, and only a fraction go inside or upstairs. Make the sidewalk experience great.


— Accept that placemaking includes brand and story, not just the things you touch and feel.



Read the full interview here.



The Streetsense Place Consulting team leverages our strategic and creative advisory services to solve complex real estate issues that enhance the value of places.


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