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New Project Highlight: Economic Development for Vienna, VA

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by The Streetsense Collective

We’re super excited to announce our new win for the Public Non-Profit Solutions Team — the Town of Vienna, Virginia has brought us on to conduct a commercial market analysis and develop an economic development strategy for the Town to attract and retain a diverse business community. 


“Streetsense’s Public Non-Profit Solutions Team is excited to bring our wealth of national experience in community economic development to lead this work for the Town of Vienna as we set an actionable — and most importantly, stakeholder-driven — roadmap for business recovery and long-term resiliency in a post-pandemic landscape.” – Nur Asri, Senior Research Strategist for Streetsense’s Public Non-Profit Solutions Team 


We’ll analyze Vienna’s commercial market, with the support of partners RCLCO, diving deep into the numbers to recommend strategies for improving the town’s competitiveness, as well as address challenges like commercial vacancy. That data will inform a holistic economic development strategy, providing a roadmap for supporting businesses. Read more in Tyson’s Reporter.


We expect to deliver the plan summer 2021 — we’ll keep you updated!


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