Quartz District

quartz district rendering
quartz district overhead rendering

Quartz District

Woodbridge, VA
  • Mixed use
  • Urban Design

Realizing Success

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The proposed Quarts District sits in a vacant donut hole surrounded by significant retail in Woodbridge, Virginia. The entire site offers over 145 acres for over 1,000 diverse residential units, and 332,000 square footage of office and retail within a comfortable but efficient 36.5 acres. Working alongside civil engineers and master planners, Streetsense guided a realistic, united, and successful vision of the new development for Buchanan Partners to share with their investors, future tenants, and new neighbors.


Proposed property changes include revising nearby parkway intersection, separating the turning lanes from the travel lanes to safely bring people to the site. Once onsite, the pedestrian-focused pathways and greenspace connect restaurants to shopping to residents. The Urban Design Studio lead visualization efforts to demonstrate the new space and its benefits by generating photo-realistic renderings.


Streetsense’s visual materials are used in marketing campaigns and entitlement efforts. We continue a close relationship with Buchanan Partners and collaborate with on-going projects.


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