Rae on Sunset

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Rae on Sunset

Los Angeles, CA

Originality with an air of glamour in Hollywood

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Streetsense partnered with Greystar to create a compelling new brand for their new Sunset Boulevard property in Los Angeles. Rae on Sunset consists of two multifamily buildings with retail amenities.


By melding sophisticated design with an aspirational yet realistic mindset our elegant brand—accented by moments of whimsy— appeals to Los Angelenos seeking an upscale yet accessible living environment. This concept invites residents and visitors to experience the best that life has to offer in the west side of Hollywood.


For our efforts on this brand, Streetsense won an AIGA award



To craft a holistic strategy, we started by performing an online and onsite competitive audit to determine the market opportunity to make Rae on Sunset stand out in the city.


We also used demographic and psychographic research that focused on employment centers and migration patterns to determine the primary audiences for the property. Finally, we worked closely with the interiors team on this project to deliver a brand that aligned with the place for a seamless online and onsite experience.


An artful interpretation of the convergence of the sun and the moon, the logo is inspired by the contrasting yet complementary, sophisticated design of the East and West Buildings—alluding to the duality of experiences at Rae on Sunset. The design direction reflects a sophisticated aesthetic with an edge of surrealism.

Sunrise, Sunset/

window front design for rae on sunset
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Sunrise, Sunset/

To mimic a sunset, the East building has a darker interior aesthetic and the West building has a lighter interior aesthetic. We developed an appropriate suite of color palettes to differentiate between the two moods.


We named the primary Amenities according to a name scheme that plays with the theme of “stars”—not only glamorous Hollywood stars, but celestial bodies that fit our surrealist creative platform. The names are elegant and unexpected, and offer another way for Rae on Sunset to emphasize its location while simultaneously making a unique statement.


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rae on sunset homepage on ipad
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Fence signage was anything but usual, with large cutouts to drive home the element of whimsy and drive in eyes.


The splash page includes elements of whimsy through micro-animations such as the flamingo winking and sky in the rendering twinkling.


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