The Lucie

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The Lucie

Baltimore, MD
  • Branding
  • Interior Architecture
  • residential

From brownfield site to handcrafted home-base in Baltimore's Brewers Hill

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As a redevelopment of a brownfield site, The Lucie is a striking addition to Brewers Hill—as well as an anchor for the new Canton Crossing development. Tasked with delivering a top of market collection of amenities in an area with a lot of recent and upcoming competition, The Lucie needed to make a bold statement while being designed to stand the test of time.


Balancing the grand scale of the building with handmade details at a tactile level, the amenity spaces offer something for every resident and mood. Highly personal touches establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, an eclectic mix of furnishings creates distinct moments across the project, and a wide range of spaces allow for every occasion from focused weekday work to building-wide celebrations.


By incorporating the mailroom into the lobby while shielding it from view of the front door with a handsome walnut and burl surround, both spaces work as one and deliver a dignified front of house impression.

Game Room/

Offering booths, game tables, and an indoor bocce court, the game room combines a robust program with a warm and rich palette.

Private Area/

private round table in amenity space
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Private Area/

A small area within the game room is flanked by heavy velvet drapery, offering privacy and acoustic absorption while enabling connections to the courtyard and concealing a large display screen. Suitable for everything from poker nights to takeout dinners, this small room punches above its size.

Elevator Lobby/

Inspired by Leslie Green’s early 20th century designs for the London Underground, the custom oxblood red tile that surrounds the elevator lobbies creates a signature visual with durability.

Elevator Lobby/

beautiful elevator lobby
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Coworking Booths/

booth with vibrant floral patterns
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Coworking Booths/

With a vibrant jungle wallpaper, fringed drum pendants, leather banquettes and wool boucle pillows, a series of booths are outfitted with outlets and deep work surfaces for coworking while offering looks for social occasions.

Brand Identity/

A bold departure from the industrial and impersonal brands of nearby competitors, The Lucie’s brand identity leans into the city’s artistic edge and the handcrafted character of the building. The combination of tone and typography feels imperfect yet friendly and familiar. Airy design, detailed illustrations, and handwritten touchpoints come together with an intriguing litheness that allows this direction to resonate with residents and cultivate connections “first-hand.”


Light-filled and lovely, the name—a nod to Lucille Clifton, Poet Laureate of Maryland—is rooted in the idea of authorship while also complementing the property’s scale with a soft yet strong sense of self.

Brand Identity/

lucie brand collateral
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Custom Brand Pattern/

floral custom pattern
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Custom Brand Pattern/

Inspired by Lucille Clifton’s poem “let there be new flowering,” a custom brand pattern was developed to complement the building’s interior design and creatively include Baltimore-specific symbols.

Standing Out/

The Lucie’s signature scale is embraced in the brand identity, which positions the building as proudly offering a bigger and bolder take on Brewers Hill living, while also maintaining a hospitality-inspired, individual-focused point of view.

Standing Out/

branded materials
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The Lucie sets a new benchmark in the neighborhood and region, impressing residents, prospects, and guests with amenities that exceed expectations. Winner of the CoStar 2023 Impact Award for Multifamily Development, the development brings new life to the site and the interiors ensure it’s a wonderful place to call home. Read more about the award.


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