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Times Square, NYC
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Imagining and marketing a transformative development at the world's most visible intersection

L&L Holdings partnered with Streetsense to support one of the most challenging adaptive reuse projects in real estate history.


The plan: Demolish a 60-story hotel atop the 120-year-old Palace Theater in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square, lift the theater five stories, build a five-level podium below, and crown the whole thing with a new 60-story hotel.


Leveraging deep experience in retail design, hospitality solutions, and consumer engagement, our consulting teams developed a solution to ensure the fundamental placemaking and operational success of this complex redevelopment. Finally, our creative agency developed the following elements to achieve the brand repositioning and aid in the lease-up:


 •  Consumer-facing narrative 

 •  Collection of renderings bringing the new concept to life

 •  Printed book for the retail leasing team

 •  Post-tour iPad experience

 •  Videography and photography

 •  Full-stack CMS 


At the most iconic intersection in the world, we worked with ownership to activate the building “in real life” with a cantilevered entertainment stage—viable for concerts and brand exposure alike—overlooking Times Square.


With more than 500,000 people per day walking past the project, we developed a flexible retail environment designed to flex and evolve along with changes in demand, the market and the world.


Streetsense worked with the client to simplify the complexities of servicing a hotel atop an entertainment retail venue and a historic theater, creating systems that could work seamlessly for all stakeholders.


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