The Wharf

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The Wharf

Washington, DC
  • Mixed use
  • Strategy

A neighborhood that resonates deeply

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A $2B, 3M square foot mixed-use project along the Southwest Waterfront in Washington DC, The Wharf’s development was at risk of becoming an incoherent collection of well-designed buildings without a cohesive, memorable ground plane. Streetsense was tasked with creating an engaging ground plane that binds all components with one unifying ribbon of identity and allows the project to function as a singular place with both neighborhood and visitor appeal.


All images courtesy of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront.


Streetsense delivered a holistic new experience by connecting multiple buildings through insightful storefront and public space design, ultimately creating a dynamic new neighborhood that has become both locally iconic and internationally identifiable.


Streetsense also developed the plan, merchandising strategy, and economic proforma for the highly celebrated Market District, a textured collection of buildings occupied by an array of purveyors selling market food and prepared food.

Planning Team/

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Planning Team/

Streetsense’s planning team helped to define an approach to the ground plane that would unify storefronts, create a cohesive experience, and provide a meaningful sense of circulation for pedestrians and vehicles.

Real Estate Strategy/

A merchandising strategy for the Market District, which informed the tenanting approach along the ground plane so that the experience felt cohesive, relevant, and memorable, all while achieving a broad day-part appeal with opportunities for repeat-traffic generators.

Real Estate Strategy/

Wharf master plan
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Today, The Wharf is celebrated—by tourists and locals alike—as one of D.C.’s most vibrant neighborhoods offering luxury shopping, al fresco dining, family entertainment, and opportunity for deepening community.


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