Livingston County Commercial District Assesment

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Livingston County Commercial District Assesment

Livingston County, NY
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Combining a mix of strategic and tactical interventions to drive downtown success and county-wide economic sustainability

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In 2017, Streetsense was engaged to develop a comprehensive plan that established a set of clear strategies and tactics for the County to collectively address business attraction and sales growth, capital investment, and redevelopment. The plan won the Excellence in Economic Development Award from the International Downtown Association in 2020.  



After successful completion of the plan, the County determined it was time for a refresh, one that embraced a more robust role for Livingston County’s economic development and growing destination tourism efforts. In 2023, Streetsense was invited back to develop a new Economic Development Strategy that ensures county-wide economic competitiveness. 


For the refresh, Streetsense conducted a diagnostic analysis that included a review of existing Economic Development and tourism programs and initiatives, a demographic analysis, a regional market trends assessment, as well as a consensus building effort among key public sector decision makers whose input and strategic guidance were paramount.  

Instagram-able Murals/

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Instagram-able Murals/

We made a recommendation to create a series of downtown murals as “instagram-able” opportunities at gateways to drive downtown visitation. Murals were also an opportunity to improve and activate the alleys as public spaces that also connect visitors to public parking lots in the downtown. The phenomenal program the county developed resulted in nine professional murals in each downtown, as well as a regional mural festival which drew thousands of visitors.  

Business Plan Competition/

We made a recommendation to develop a business plan competition, which aimed to improve visitor assets and business mix. The Business Plan competition resulted in 29 winners over three cycles, of which 26 are still in business or opening shortly. The competition included grants, technical assistance and a “Business Boot Camp” for winners. 

Business Plan Competition/

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The research effort led to a five-year county-wide action plan with a range of economic development strategies that informs sustained public and private sector collaboration, resource allocation, investment, and policy and programming decisions critical for the Livingston County Economic Development Office to advance their economic vision. 


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