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In case you missed Edit at Streetsense’s—our Interior Architecture team—Co-Founder and Lead Designer Brian Miller’s talk at Creative Mornings DC last Friday, we’ve got you covered. It was a wide-ranging, thought-provoking, and entertaining talk on this month’s theme—Critical. Brian guided the crowd through what makes for good criticism, what doesn’t, and how to avoid the realm of the hater. Aside from the comprehensive substance and early morning humor, the best part may have been his recommendations (on anything and everything) nestled throughout the talk. Lucky for you, we have the top ones for you right here. 


Dance My Pain Away by Rod Lee 

In a convincing defense of the “beauty of abandonment” that accompanies nightlife (and in the middle of a critique of early morning dance culture that lacks it), Brian recommended this song. 


Blackbird Spyplane 

According to Brian, a must-read newsletter. The best in culture. 


Criticism from Robin Givhan: Dick Cheney, Dressing Down

Should a fashion reporter really be writing about politics? To Brian, the answer is yes. Dick Cheney will never be a leading voice in haute couture, but what he wore when he was Vice President mattered—particularly when his attire at an Auschwitz memorial made the wrong kind of statement. 


Criticism from Pete Wells: “Legacy Records Looks for History in a Brand New Neighborhood

Brian cited this as an example of a truly thorough, truly fair analysis that leaves prejudice at the door and highlights things both good and bad—in this case ranging from raw sea scallops that are “so intensely fresh that its slices clung together stickily,” to tone-deaf, historically inaccurate decor that “looks like an attempt to buy a personality for a restaurant that doesn’t have one of its own.”


Criticism from Joseph Giovannini on the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art

This is an example of criticism that goes far, far beyond “I don’t like this building.” In a series of coverage, Giovanni interrogates, and eviscerates, every aspect of this museum’s design, from the financial plans to the neighborhood impact to its overall viability. 


Healthy Rabbit-Holes

Brian loves going down a healthy rabbit-hole to influence future work. His most recent one was inspired by this fact: so many restaurants seem to have a hook like, It’s an authentic Ramen menu, and plays 90’s hip-hop. Or, It’s an extravagant tasting menu, and plays 90’s hip-hop. He gets it. But what about 90’s food? That thought led Brian to Pinterest boards and fever dreams of shallot vinaigrettes, pestos, and of course, vertical foods. Who knows what he’ll do with this knowledge? 



Brian Miller and the Edit at Streetsense Interior Architecture team are the talent behind the gorgeous, hospitality-forward amenity spaces at Signal House in Union Market, which was the location of his Creative Mornings talk that contained these recommendations.


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